News // Topchoko
Date: 24.04.2014.

We promoted the CoolCoffeeBar, along with all of our products and machines which are supporting the highest possible quality.

Maximal organization of the stand, promotion of new products: coffee – Arabica from Columbia and India, gelato ice cream, Choko Roll…

Guests from the whole region and dominant representation on the gastronomy level of the Fair. The consumers of our products and their coming back to our stand showed that we promote the new idea with a quickly recognizable quality offer both visually and essentially.

Date: 24.04.2014.

After a successful winter season with the Premium Hot chocolate on the doughnut and coffee stand in IKEA Budapest, we started the summer season launching the ice chocolate in the Elcor machine for ice products which works on – 11 degrees Celsius.

All interested can test our ice chocolate from the Shakes family by the end of April for free, and after that period we will be selling it.

Date: 08.03.2014.

Next week we'll be on the fair on the exhibition place of Budapest with some new things in our offer. I'd be happy if you visit us.

Date: 16.02.2014.

Can anyone else imagine everything we are combining... what kind of meridians are those on the mentality globe... galaxy parallels.... Cultural abyssal depths till the Himalayas.... And everyone deserves one more "goldie"... and then this year... wonder what is awaiting all of us????

Date: 08.12.2013.

The exibition Diplomatic Bazar in Budapest in 24.nov.2013. in the Hotel Intercontinental. On the stage in the central room were preforming preformers from lots of countryes wich were also exhibiting their cultural and buisniss programs. We had a selling stand and and a chance of promoting products of CoolCoffeeBar. Children were mostly asking for Blue Banan while the adults were mostly satisfied with our high quality Esspreso coffee : Esco Bar.